Arraché chaque jour à l'humble matelas ;
Où souvent le sommeil me fuyait quoique las ;
J'allais, les reins ployés, ébaucher une pierre ;
La tailler, l'aplanir, la retourner d'équerre ;
Souvent le froid m'ôtait l'usage de la voix ;
Et mon ciseau glacé s'échappait de mes doigts ;
Le soleil, dans l'été, frappant sur les murailles ;
Par un double foyer me brûlait les entrailles.
Michel-Jean Sedaine (1719-1797)

Linnéa Rollenhagen Tilly

An associated researcher at AUSser and teaching the History of Paris Architecture, I received a PhD from the Paris-Sorbonne IV university in 2006.
In my MA thesis I reconstituted the history of the construction of the quays in Toulouse (1761-1790), the organization of a public building site in the 18th century, practical issues, professions involved, the reshaping of an old urban feature and the reception of the project (critics upon of its utility).
In my PhD thesis, "Ordinary houses in Paris, 1650-1790", I draw the architectural and functional features of ordinary houses in Paris. Based on archive studies (texts and iconography), the analyzis focuses on the functions, the making, the materials and interior planning system of a broad panel of buildings that rarely survived time and were adapted to the user’s needs.

Since 2007 as a freelance researcher I have studied the Swedish superintendant Carl Johan Cronstedt, his activities as an organisor and architect (a project mainly financed by Berit Wallenbergs stiftelse). A forthcoming biography, tracing the content of his European training in architecture, his professional network and chosen parts of his professional activities in Sweden (housings, bridges and churches). I am currently pursuing this analysis through the transcription and critical study of two unpublished notebooks on building technologies (project financed by B. Wallenbergs stiftelse) and a "catalogue raisonné" of his library (project financed by Birgit och Gad Rausings stiftelse, Torsten och Ragnar Söderbergs stiftelse). These research projects deal with an exceptional material giving new insight in the making of an European architects’ library.
Through these projects my interest for French-Swedish professional networks (master-models and materials), the transfer of French models to Sweden and the drawing of a Swedish National “building”, has awaken.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nationalmuseum Art Bulletin, vol. 20